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New Toyota Camry for sale in Jefferson City, MO




Some cars have all the luck! The Toyota Camry is already the best-selling automobile in the United States and now, in its eighth generation for the year 2018, it is set for even more success.

The model has been given a whole new evolution for this year. It combines the practicality it is known for with a cutting edge approach to design. Now it is not just a reliable and safe vehicle but it is exciting to look at and to drive, too. Both design and performance have been favorably enhanced and the vehicle is sure to draw positive attention from all in Kansas and Missouri, Columbia, Sedalia, and St. Louis.

The development team for the 2018 Camry for sale near me in Central Missouri had an ambitious goal as they sought a harmonious balance between elegance and sensual athleticism. This is an innovative approach that has resulted in a unique and futuristic incarnation of the Toyota Camry that does not sacrifice the car’s previous outstanding down-to-earth reputation.

The Camry has attained the design team’s three primary goals for this car: a strong broad stance due to a new lower center of gravity, a cabin that is functional yet evokes emotion, and an interior and exterior style that is high-end and evocative of a sports vehicle. This is a new kind of mid-sized sedan that looks great and feels good to drive.




The ‘Keen Look’ design philosophy used on the Toyota Camry has certainly accentuated the 2018 style of the car, which has a two-piece grille with thin and thick treatments. It looks quite different to the 2017 Camry for sale near me in Jefferson City, MO. There’s a 1.6-inch hood sitting directly above the uppermost section of the Toyota emblem. There’s a hybrid model available for the 2018 year, this one offering a blue-hue emblem. There’s a stylish A-pillar holding the grille, hood, and emblem, producing appeal and demeanor that no other Camry has thought to offer.

With the awesome new sleek profile, the 2018 Toyota Camry has been reduced in height by one inch from the 2017 year model. This gives the Camry a lower roofline, yet none of the valuable space you need is compromised. The design also makes for improved aerodynamics. It’s a sportiness that the Camry has never before offered, and one that every driver can appreciate.




For the 2018 year, the Toyota Camry has undergone a revolutionary design upgrade that fuses function and style. It is a visionary step that puts the driver in a cabin that feels similar to a cockpit with angled, easy-to-access gauges. However, even with this emphasis on performance and style, both driver and passenger enjoy a lot of personal space and a feeling of openness. Visually, you will appreciate the character line flowing from the instrument panel and bisecting the middle console.

There has been a re-engineering of the front seats so that ergonomic comfort is attained. It makes for stress-free driving and an awesome passenger experience. Even the rear seats are roomy and easy to travel in. Owners will love the stitching on both sets of seats that demonstrates the high quality of this auto and the craftsmanship that has been part of the whole design of Toyota Camry for sale near me in 2018.




The new Toyota Camry offers quite a few new features to interested buyers in 2018. The chassis has been upgraded to improve handling and performance, and it’s matched with a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder Dynamic Force engine. These elements work together to create a vehicle that produces higher torque and power but actually uses less fuel.

By creating more air flow in the engine, combustion is achieved more rapidly. By designing an engine with multi-hole direct fuel injectors, an updated variable cooling system, a high compression ratio paired with a long stroke, and the brand’s newest Variable Valve-Timing-Intelligent Electric, Toyota can offer amazing thermal efficiency—an unprecedented 40%. What this equates to on the open road is a fuel economy rating on par with the Prius.

This revolutionary engine is paired with a Direct Shift-8AT transmission. It was designed especially for this platform and allows direct lock up from most gears to simulate the functioning of a manual gearbox with all the convenience of an automatic.

In addition to the 2.5-liter inline-4, there’s also a 3.5-liter V6 that boasts D-4S Fuel Injection. The 2.5-liter packs plenty of power, but the V6 will satisfy anyone who just enjoys the growl of a bigger engine. Combined with the sheer efficiency and intelligence of the design, consumers will be hard pressed to find a vehicle that will out-perform the Camry in 2018 at its price point. Taking into consideration the torque output and the fuel efficiency, this powertrain combination is poised to become one of the best in the world.


Updated Multimedia


2018 Camry owners are in for a treat with new connectivity, entertainment, GPS and vehicle monitoring options. Available for all trim levels is the new Toyota Entune 3.0 system for a host of new connectivity and entertainment possibilities. Entune 3.0 offers much more in the way of improved device connectivity, including Remote Connect that features remote start, remote door lock, a guest driver monitor, car finder and vehicle status monitoring. In addition, Entune 3.0 offers Wi-Fi Connect that allows for the connection of up to five mobile devices using 4G LTE for a wide array of entertainment and information choices.

All Camry 4-cylinder models, including hybrids, come standard with Connected Navigation Scout GPS Link along with Moving Maps to keep you on the right road. The V6 models step it up a bit with an all-new Dynamic Navigation system that improves upon map accuracy. This system map updates via wireless map downloads to give the system current road updates and new points of interest that are not stored on the current head unit map.

As if that’s not enough, Camry owners can now easily monitor the health status of their Camry with Service Connect, a communication interface that gives owners maintenance notifications, fuel status, and other critical operating information.